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Derek McKee and Andrew Foster, the owners of Oldskool Video Games and More, host an hour of funny video game news bits and rumors. Listen and laugh along! OLDSKOOLVA.COM

September 23rd, 2016    

The Double D PODcast Episode 2 September 20 2016

The BEST darn thing you have ever shoved in yo earholes!!!!!!!! The Double D PODcast is back again crazier ad more stupider than ever!!!!!! In this episode we tell some really bad jokes, talk about movies and such, play our favorite youtube songs (with commentary) and just have the most fun. We are just two guys and we are having a good time, having a good time, having a good time. Listen laugh and comment!!!!!!! 


September 15th, 2016    

The Double D PADcast Episode 9 September 14 2016

The PADcast is back and packed full of amazing things. We talk some video game news, test Andrew of his knowledge, create our perfect games and blow up with some of the absolute best store news ever,, EVER!! So give it a listen comment, and enjoy


August 18th, 2016    

The Double D PODcast Episode 1 August 17

This is NOT the Double D PADcast, this is NOT about video games, there will be foul language and opinions NOT endorsed by Oldskool Video Games!! Honestly this is just Derek McKee and Andrew Foster talking about everything BUT video games. So please listen, laugh and comment. In this inaugural episode Derek goes on a rant about how much he LOVES Hillary Clinton, not, drew utters the F word about 146 times, and a bunch of other nonsense happens. 


August 5th, 2016    

The Double D PADcast Episode 8 August 3rd 2016

WE back again with a more streamlined PADcast!! So much shorter, better, and ALL about video games!! On this episode we talk about some news and opinions, we debut a few new segments and drop some major store news!! So listen, enjoy, and comment. 


July 10th, 2016    

The Double D Padcast Episode 7 July 6 2016

We,, Are,, Back!! In this episode we do a little bit of grinding, we talk a little about E3, I test Andrew on his band knowledge, we announce some awesome store news and so so so many more things. 


June 4th, 2016    

The Double D Padcast Episode 6 June 2 2016

The Padcast is back with a super awesome extended version!! In this episode we talk about music, our E3 predictions, a super long League of Legends segment, video game sleeper titles, we get into a lively debate about online only games, and we talk store news. So listen and enjoy


May 6th, 2016    

The Double D Padcast Episode 5 May 5th 2016

In this episode we talk about Andrew's trip to PAX East, latest gaming news, the new Ratchet and Clank movie, we answer some fan questions and enjoy a little bit of jackassery. We also put in a little special segment at the end for your earholes. Enjoy!!!


April 8th, 2016    

The Double D Padcast Episode 4 April 7

In this episode we tackle the recent failures of Nintendo, spend some time with League of Legends, have a few beers, and laugh a little. Check it out!

On a sidenote we recorded this episode live on twitch so we hope you were a part of it. 

March 3rd, 2016    

The Double D Padcast Episode 3 March 2 2016

Getting better at this podcast thing. This episode we tackle the latest news, how awesome Farming Simulator 15 is, and a bunch of Oldskool store news. 


March 2nd, 2016    

TheDouble D Padcast Episode 2 Feb 3 2016

This is our second podcast. Getting a little better. This episode we cover the latest video game news as well as awards, League of Legends, Derek tells us what grinds his gears, and we do a review of an amazing PS4 release. 


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